11 Everyday Heroes Who Beat Racism With Fun Pranks

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As you look back on 2017, perhaps you think such forces of evil had a banner time. Maybe you think courtesy made loss after loss, while depravity went to the playoffs. Well what if we told you that while that was often true, there used to be forces of highly-motivated nice parties standing up to the Nazis marching in wall street? And what if we also told you they sat up to those Nazis with the funniest, pinkest, fundraising-est pranks imaginable?

On this week’s podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by comedian, Southerner, and love of the evidence Billy Wayne Davis for a glad stroll down recent remembrance road. They’ll discover magic t-shirts, “Swiss Coffee”, alien beings, and more amusing courses such forces of good are kicking ass, making figures, and playing a little sousaphone along the way.

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