23 Awesome Beginnings To Start Your New Year Right

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BEGINNINGS: THEY ARE IMPORTANT . So important, we kept that in all covers and boldface. On this week’s occurrence, Alex Schmidt is acceded to by Cracked journalists Kristi Harrison and Cyriaque Lamar for a look at the all-time good inaugurations of…basically everything. From first lines of records to first shootings of movies to historic firstlies that everyone oughta is well known, this episode’s like a smoothie made of starts, mixed to start your new year just right.

Footnotes :

Erykah Badu — “Tyrone”( live )

Glen Campbell — “Wichita Lineman”

Elton John — “Rocket Man( I Suppose It’s Exiting To Be A Long Long Time) “

The Thing ( 1982) Filming Locations

The Babadook: how the repugnance movie monster became a homosexual icon( The Guardian )

Tom Hiddleston singing “Cold Cold Heart” in I Assured The Light

Why Women Couldn’t Wear Pants on the Senate Floor Until 1993( Mental Floss )

50 Years Ago, The First Spacewalk Nearly Ended In Tragedy( Gizmodo )

Iconic Wright brethren photo was photographer’s firstly( The Verge )

A State of Convenience: The Creation of West Virginia( West Virginia Division of Culture and History )

6 Famous Firsts You Learned in History Class( Are Total BS)( Cracked )

5 People History Credits With ‘Firsts'( Who Weren’t First)( Cracked )

The tribulations of baseball’s first honestly gay player, Glenn Burke, four decades ago( The Washington Post )


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