AIM will officially sign-off forever in December

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Image: Liz Pierson/ mashable composite

AOL Instant Messenger( AIM ), the beloved messaging service that was the first online know for an entire generation, will finally reach the end of its life afterwards this year.

The remains of the once popular chit-chat assistance will be taken off life aid( i.e. AOL parent company Oath will finish approval) on Dec. 15. So if you’re still squandering AIM to chat with your friends and see plans to meet up at the regional plaza, you’d better start looking for an alternative conversation service.

AOL propagandized out an email about the instantaneous messenger’s demise this morning, so if you still have access to an note, you should check your inbox for this sad content 😛 TAGEND

The news is sure to be heart-wrenching for millennials who expended hours on end messaging with friends, tying up their parents’ phone lines on dial-up attachments. But AIM has fallen out of favor in recent years, as we’ve moved to newer, flashier assistances on our smartphones like SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Come December 15, all that will be left are recalls of inauspicious screen appoints( remember Swimfan ?) and odes to a simpler experience online. Make a few moments today to compensate your respects, and defined an appropriately sappy Dashboard Confessional apart letter in salute.

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