Another Harvey Weinstein Accuser Speaks Out As Attorney Gloria Allred Compares The Scandalized Producer To Bill Cosby!

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Another woman has come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Former filmmaker Louisette Geiss( above, left) argues

After that, Geiss left. Not just the inn room, but the movie industry completely.

Allred, Geiss’ attorney, said she’s heard from several other women who say they are victims of unwanted improvements from Weinstein, and that the statute of limitations for each alleged meeting had now been expired.

To indicate some compassion, Allred is “inviting[ Weinstein] to agree to engage in an arbitration of these asserts with these women” with an agreed upon retired evaluate. The lawyer says project proposals is “similar to what[ she] suggested to Bill Cosby” amid his sexuality scandal — but the comedian “was not wise enough” is acceptable to it.

Allred notes that Weinstein will be smart to agree if he was never aims on returning to Hollywood one day, as an arbitration could be a “positive step he could take to restore his battered reputation.”

We’d say Weinstein has nothing to lose, as his scandal once glances to be is transformed into the full Cosby.

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