Artist’s Neon Signs Showcase The Worst Parts Of Each Social Media Platform

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Each social media platform has a different focus, be it Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter. Each scaffold also has something uniquely pestering about it, and that’s the focus of a digital artist in southeast Michigan.

Mike Campau has created a series announced “Antisocial” that represents the top social media stages as Vegas-style neon signs.

Each sign is in an empty parking lot, which is supposed to symbolize how each person’s berth is both isolated but also in an area that can be seen by many.

The signals, which Campau procreated digitally, showcase the most infuriating aspects of each stage. For instance, the sign for Facebook points out that it’s “the place to go& realize everyone think your life is great! ”

He’s likewise harsh on LinkedIn, which he describes as “People I don’t genuinely know endorse me for the things I don’t genuinely do.”

Although Campau compiles entertaining of social media, he claims he’s not a hater.

“I don’t thoughts all social media is abominable . In actuality, I gain quite a bit of brainchild from fellow craftsmen, ” he told LinkedIn contributor Stephen Blakeman. “I’m exposed to different points of view, I can keep in touch with old friends, establish new friends and I can stay current with what is happening around the world. All of which are great things and something that couldn’t have happened 10 years ago.”

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