As David Lettermans first Netflix guest, Barack Obama warns against the bubble of social media

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David Letterman seems to be taking the deed of his new Netflix display very seriously: On the very first chapter of My Next Guest Necessitates No Preface With David Letterman , he’s acceded to by former U.S. President Barack Obama.

The episode has batch of odd times, like Obama ribbing Letterman about his nearly Biblical beard. But they cover substantive government topics, too — not only during the onstage interview, but also in Letterman’s stroll across Selma’s famed Edmund Pettus Bridge with Congressman John Lewis.

In fact, Letterman seems to be giving the brand-new picture as an opportunity to move a bit away from his usual sardonic form and give more depth and seriousness. He discontinued the interrogation by telling Obama, “Without a question of a fear, you are the first chairperson I really and truly respect.”

On the tech figurehead, Obama recited some of the points he made in a recent BBC interview with the U.K.’s Prince Harry. After being asked about threats to our republic, Obama warned against “getting all your information off algorithms being cast through a phone.”

He have also pointed out that he owes much of his own government success to social media, which helped him build “what resolved up being the most effective political campaign, perhaps in modern political history.” So he initially had “a very optimistic feeling” about information and communication technologies, but he said, “I think that which is something we missed was the extent to which people who are in dominance … special interests, foreign authorities, etc ., can in fact operate that and propagandize.”

Obama then recounted a science experiment( “not a big scientific experiment, but merely an experiment that someone did during the revolution that was taking place in Egypt”) where a radical, a republican and a “quote-unquote moderate” were asked to search for “Egypt, ” and Google presented each of them with most varied results.

“Whatever your biases were, that’s where you were being transmitted, and that get more reinforced over day, ” he said. “That’s what’s happening with these Facebook sheets where more and more beings are getting their bulletin from. At a certain item you time live in a bubble, and that’s part of why our politics is so polarized right now.”

Appropriately for a politician who was so closely associated with hope, Obama too offered some optimism: “I think it is a solvable problem, but I think it’s one that we have to spend a good deal of season thinking about.”

It is felt that Facebook and another big-hearted scaffolds are at least trying to address the issue. Yesterday, for example, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network is likely to be prioritizing “meaningful social interactions” over word and publisher content.

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