Brazil seethes as man jailed for sexual abuse of teenager joins congress

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Role for Nelson Nahim, convicted for deferring 15 -year-old to prostitution, is just latest political scandal: Congress will always be capable of getting worse

Just when it seemed that Brazil’s scandal-plagued government class could not be any less popular, the two countries is incensed at the revelation that its congress will soon include a person jailed for the sexual exploitation of underage girls.

Nelson Nahim, a politician from Rio de Janeiro state who is affiliated with President Michel Temer’s Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, was passed a 12 -year decision in 2016 for referring a 15 -year-old girl to prostitution/ purposes of sexual exploitation, desecration and terrifying behaviour.

As a “substitute” lawmaker for a bloc of parties, he will take the seat vacated by Brazil’s new minister of labour, Cristiane Brasil, when congress reverts from recess next month, but he officially becomes a deputy when she takes up her new character next week.

Adding fuel to the fire, Brasil herself was in 2016 ordered to make payments to a former move whom she had employed without suitable newspapers. Brasil is also the daughter of a legislator penitentiary in a previous scandal.

” It precipitates nausea and vomiting ,” Jose de Lima, a retired Brazilian living in Florianopolis in the south of the country, wrote on a Facebook group page.” The current Brazilian congress will always be capable of getting worse .”

Documents submitted to tribunal described Nahim, 60, as a regular client of a vice ring in the Rio town of Campos dos Goytacazes between 2008 and 2009, in which underage daughters were continued behind rails and was necessary to deplete medications in order to have sex with buyers. According to lawyers, Nahim had gender with two 15 -year-old girls at a country house he owned. He revokes the allegations.

” There was a order of sexual exploitation in Campos ,” said Ludimila Rodrigues, one of a group of prosecutors who participated in the court case.” He was one of the customer of this structure of vice .”

In 2016, Judge Daniela de Souza convicted 12 of those involved to prison and two to open confinement regimen. Nahim was entrust 12 years but provided four months before being released on petition by a united states supreme court judge.

In a statement at the time, the court in Rio that sentenced Nahim highlighted his” relationship with a 15 -year-old teenager known as’ Barbie Girl ‘, with whom he had sex meetings ,” including:” The adolescent experienced differential care for being Nahim’s favourite .”

Nahim, who too sat briefly in congress as substitute for another lawmaker a year ago, said in a Facebook post that he would demonstrate his innocence.

” I thank God and on presuming the mandate of a federal representative I will fight for specific populations and demo my modesty with substantiates ,” he wrote.

Brazilian lawmakers are no strangers to controversy and have faced charges straying from corruption to carnage. One lawmaker, Celso Jacob, last year listened Congress on era secrete from prison, where he is serving a decision for administrative impostor when he was a mayor.

Nahim is estranged from his brother, the former Rio state governor Anthony Garotinho, who was penitentiary with his wife, Rosinha, in November for electoral felonies, and briefly replaced Garotinho’s wife as mayor of Campos. The couple were later released.

Cristiane Brasil’s father, Roberto Jefferson, was also jailed for his role in the “Mensalao” vote-buying gossip, which almost brought down the leftist chairperson Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in 2005. Jefferson cried on discussing her appointment with reporters and said it had” extricated the family “.

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