Drunk Teen Is Raped by “Prince Charming” Boyfriend20 Yrs Later, They Meet Face-to-Face to Relive Their Story

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It’s unimaginable–the experience that one goes through, and the woe that comes from, being a martyr of desecration. Many expend their lives struggling to overcome the pain of such a frightening incident. Thordis Elva is one of those victims. She has knew peace by coming face-to-face with the person who is abused her.

In 1996, Elva attended her school’s Christmas ball with her then 18 -year-old boyfriend, Tom Stranger. He was an Australian exchange student in Elva’s hometown in Iceland. It was on that night when Elva tried rum for the first time but grew sick at the dance from boozing too much. She embarked upchuck, and said she could appear herself “drifting in and out of consciousness.”

The school’s defence wanted to call her an ambulance, but Stranger was of the view that he would take care of his then-girlfriend. As Elva employed it, he “acted as my gallant in shining armor, ” and submit a report to make her back to her house.

Back at her residence, Stranger lay beside Elva in her berth, and compiled her feel safe as he took care of her.

“It was just a fairytale, he wrapped his strong arms around me, laying me in the safety of my bed.”

What seemed like a Prince Charming vistum from a nostalgic movie, quickly turned to the most horrific recollection Elva is to be able to have.

Stranger got on top of her and began to remove every bit of her dres. Though she tried to fight back, Elva was too weak to stop him.

She counted the seconds that progressed until her real-life nightmare would end.

“In succession to stand sane, I quietly counted the seconds on my alarm clock. And ever since that night, I’ve known that there are 7,200 seconds in two hours.”

In the working day that followed the dance, and the most difficult nighttime of Elva’s life, the couple broke up. Little did they both know that the night of the Christmas ball would follow each of them for the rest of their lives.

Stranger said he tried to convince himself that what happened was not rape–just drunken sex with his girlfriend.

“I have sketchy recalls of the next day. The after the consequences of boozing, a certain hollowness that I tried to stifle. Nothing more. But I didn’t show up at Thordis’s door. It is important to now be said that I didn’t learn my deed for what it was.”

“To be honest, I disproved the part act in the working day afterwards and when I was committing it. I forswore the truth by reassuring myself “its been” gender and not abuse. And this is a lie I’ve experienced spine-bending shame for.”

While Stranger contended with his own demons, Elva believed that what happened that night was her fault–a help feeling that countless abuse martyrs take on themselves.

“I was raised in a world where girlfriends are told they get crimes for a reason.”

“Their hem was too short, their smile was extremely wide-ranging, their breath smelled of alcohol. And I was guilty of all of those events, so the dishonor “mustve been” mine.”

For nine years after the night that changed everything, Elva felt herself downed with wrath and hatred. She was livid at Stranger, and what he did to her.

Almost a decade had progressed since the two had pronounced when Elva eventually decided to write Stranger a note. She described the sting, wrath, regret and suffering she had lived through since the night of the dance.

“All I wanted to do for years was jeopardized Tom back as seriously as “hes having” injured me.”

Shortly after transmitting the word, Stranger contacted his ex-girlfriend, and the two decided to meet face-to-face. They met in the middle. Each flew halfway across the world to Cape Town, South Africa, and considered how the events of that night had permanently mold their lives.

Entering their meeting with anger, Elva was surprised to find herself overwhelmed with the sentiments of forgiveness. Through their talks, she was able to feel free again.

“Light had prevailed over darkness … There is hope after rape.”

She excused it as the realization “that something productive could be built out of the ruins.”

Following their intersect, Elva returned home to her husband and child, and Stranger went back to Australia.

As she resumed writing, Alva perceived herself continuing to think about their meeting–but now, her recollects were fitted with hope.

She began writing a work, which Stranger would come to co-author. In no time, the unlikely duo had written their part storey from beginning to end–from darkness to light.

They called it South of Forgiveness .

The book was liberated last-place March, and they recently shared their storey in a powerful TED Talk 😛 TAGEND

As Elva and Stranger have been traveling to promote their novel, they’ve continues to share their story in hopes that it would bring optimism, revelation and salving to those who have fought through similar circumstances.

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