Ed Helms explains the controversial Kennedy cover-up unveiled in his new film ‘Chappaquiddick’

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Fox News wants to tell people the truth, including how no one cartels them.

The network did just that Sunday when it had Republican strategist Frank Luntz on to talk about how President Trump was not done enough approval for the economic recovery.

Host Howard Kurtz requested Luntz what is keeping all that sweet scrutiny away from our commander in chief, and he posited that it is obviously the national media.

Kurtz, hoping to add more proof to that garbage fuel of an polemic, asked for a graphic of an opinion poll to be put on screen. And that’s when things took a revolve for the worse.

What saw was a Monmouth University poll that requested people who they relied more: a news system or Trump? All responders said that they relied word more than Trump, but Fox News came in last-place in terms of trustworthiness.

It seemed at the time to be an accident.

After the graphic mistakenly showed, Kurtz immediately would like to request that his creator take it down. He returned it back up later in the segment to highlight how word beginnings are trusted more than the president.

Inform: April 9, 2018, 12:50 p.m. EDT

Kurtz protected the purposes of applying the tally on a few social media uprights, wanting to highlight the inequality in trust between media and the president.

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