Florida boy gets trapped inside arcade claw machine

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A young boy who was really set on going a stuffed toy from a claw-style vending machine at a Florida restaurant discontinued up coming stuck inside it on Wednesday, according to.

Titusville Fire and Emergency Services said in a Facebook upright the incident happened at a Beef O’Brady’s restaurant on the state’s Atlantic coast.

“This evening little Mason was enjoying some menu and ended he required a thrust swine, ” the rescue bureau said. “He missed it so bad, he clambered into the game to get that doll !! “

Fire officers said the son was “never in any distress, ” and an off-duty firefighter who happened to be there ingesting dinner contacted my honourable colleagues.

Officials rescued a boy from inside an arcade claw machine on Wednesday in Florida after he clambered inside to get a doll. ( Titusville Fire and Emergency Services)


Mason was in the machine for about 5 minutes, and sat on top of the dolls while firefighters worked to get him out, Battalion Chief Gregory Sutton told The Associated Press.

“He moved in, but apparently he couldn’t come back out the same action, ” Sutton said.

The door on the claw machine that a young Florida boy went through and aimed up get stuck in. ( Titusville Fire and Emergency Services)

The machine preserved minimal shatter from the relief, and Mason was able to rejoin his family for dinner, although he was a bit abashed. But the ordeal wasn’t only fruitless- he was given a doll afterward.

“We love a joyous intent, ” the fire busines said, “and are glad everything worked out.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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