Hero Firefighter Slides Onto Thin Ice To Rescue Dog Who Fell Through

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Looks like it’s not just cats that get nine lives.

A dog in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, wandered onto some thin ice and precipitated through last week, but quick action by the regional fire department saved the pooch. The extricate was caught on camera( see above ).

Swift Current is pinpointed about 300 miles east of Calgary.

“Yesterday afternoon, our firefighters were hectic at the bay, rescuing someone’s pet, ” Swift Current fire chief Denis Pilon wrote on Facebook. “They gave their dog to run off leash where reference is betted out onto the frost and came through.”

Authorities are recommending beings to keep their domesticateds and kids away from the creek — a lesson that can be applied to any number of creeks, reservoirs, rivers and ponds of all the countries where the frost isn’t always as solid as it glances.

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