Hundreds of flying foxes die in searing Australian heat

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More than 400 animals have died in one colony alone as temperatures soar above 47 C, compelling tired and dehydration

A colony of flying foxes has to be almost wiped out by extreme heat in Campbelltown in south-west Sydney, is in accordance with environmentalists.

The Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Campbelltown safarus affixed a series of epitomes to Facebook demonstrating the bodies of the animals lying in the ground, apparently after they had died from dehydration in the soaring temperatures. The group say more than 400 of the animals were lost, many of them juveniles.

A mound of the deaths floating foxes in Campbelltown, Australia. Picture: Facebook/ Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Campbelltown

Volunteers have been working to save the animals, rehydrating them and taking them to places where they can be kept refrigerate. Temperatures in Sydney reached a 80 -year record high-pitched of 47. 3C on Sunday.

Cate Ryan, one of the first volunteers on the place, told media” it was unbelievable. I examined a good deal of dead bats on the dirt and others were close to the grind and vanishing. I have never seen anything like it before .”

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