Late-night hosts: ‘Trump’s own people think he’s dumb as a watermelon’

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Comics, including Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, continued on the many discoveries that have emerged from Michael Wolffs explosive White House book

Late-night hosts returned to the discussion of Michael Wolff’s White House expose and its numerous damning revelations.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about how many of Steve Bannon’s advocates have distanced themselves from him after his input, praising both the president and his family. It’s been reported that many members of the far right are also following suit.” It’s true, they are so embarrassed of Steve Bannon that a lot of the alt-right have started encompassing their fronts with punks ,” he joked.

The book also claims that the first pair have separate bedrooms, and most nights Trump is in bed by 6.30 pm with a cheeseburger.” I’m gonna hope … chewing it ?” Colbert said.

At Thursday’s press briefing, Sarah Sanders brought on a” special guest” in the forms of a video screen with commands from Trump, despite the fact that he lives and directs merely grounds apart.” The call is coming from inside the house: get outta there !” he said.

He sustained:” I’m dizzy from the stupid … Isn’t it bad enough that we have to watch him on Tv? Now we have to watch him on Tvs on TV !”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah too spoke about Wolff’s book Fire and Fury.” It sounds like the Real Homemakers of Pennsylvania Avenue ,” he said.

Noah then aired a montage of the many beings within the president’s administration that have blamed his intelligence.” Trump’s own people think that he’s dumb as a watermelon ,” he said.” I approximate the country isn’t as divided as it seems .”

He also returned to the fact about the president is available on berthed early with nutrient.” He’s in bottom by 6.30 ?” he expected.” I make, it fixes gumption in a way. You need to get your 11 hours in before your 5am rampage tweets- but still .”

Wolff has also claimed that Melania Trump exclaimed after her husband earned.” It’s so crazy expressed the belief that both safaruss were screaming on poll light ,” he said.

The official response from the White House is that the book is all lurid manufacturing.” Someone who tweeted’ check out sexuality strip’ can’t complain about tabloid chitchat ,” he said.” The reality is, Mr President, you stirred your couch. Now munch your cheeseburger in it .”

Jimmy Kimmel also spoke about the book.” It’s bringing back some of the supernaturals of Trumpstmas past ,” he said.

He then rostered all of the many concludes that Trump’s lawyers are utilizing to affirm that publishing the book is problematic- AKA” legal terms for’ Wah wah wah, stop writing mean situations about me ‘”.

Kimmel likewise spoke about the strange assertion that Trump consumes secret recordings to try to have sex with the partners of his friends.” Like Fifty Shades of Orange or something ,” he said.” No amaze his only friends are Fox& Friends .”

But the host was most surprised to hear Wolff’s section about how he got all of the information collected: by gaining official access.” Why did these stupids told him into the White House in the first place? That alone revealed poor decision-making .”

Kimmel too believes that the law assaults by Trump to block the book have had an adverse effect.” I wasn’t going to buy the book ,” he said.” I was just going to read the excerpts in publications and move on but now that Trump’s lawyers are going all-out to try and stop it from being published, I’m buying 20 simulates .”

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