News Anchor Expertly Claps Back At Viewer Who Called Her N****r

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An Atlanta news anchor doesn’t have time for racism.

Conversations circumventing the city’s mayoral race between Democrat Keisha Bottoms and Independent Mary Norwood have been drenched in racial friction. Bottoms, who was announced as the winner Tuesday evening with less than one percentage point of a cause, is pitch-black, and Norwood is white.

During a word segment on Tuesday night before the race was called, WGCL-TV journalist Sharon Reed addressed a onlooker, Kathy Rae, who transported an email criticizing the anchor’s mentions on how scoot played a role in the election. In the email, Rae called Reed a “N *** r, ” misspelling the slur.( Reader should be aware that the word too seems uncensored below .)