Photog Captures Newlyweds With Their Cats, And The Pics Are Purr-fect

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Dogs tend to steal the spotlight at their owners’ bridals, acting as the flower girlfriend, pealing bearer or another adorably photogenic is part of the bridal defendant. Cats, nonetheless, often get left out of such galas because they’re flighties and not especially fond of new plazas or large groups of people.

That’s why Marianna Zampieri, a photographer are stationed in Vicenza, Italy, is doing post-wedding films with newlyweds and their beloved kitties that captivate their special bail in the ease of their own homes.

Photographer Marianna Zampieri and her feline Arthur made post-wedding self-portraits at their residence.

Zampieri became fascinated with making pictures of cats when she accepted her own pussy, Arthur, five years ago. After she got married in April 2017, she took a series of self-portraits in her wedding attire with Arthur.

“I could not endure the idea that in the pictures of the most important point daytime of my life, there were none of Arthur, ” she told HuffPost.

Zampieri and Arthur sharing a sweetened instant.

Zampieri adopted Arthur five years ago.

Soon after, the group of friends of hers embarked seeking same shoots with their own cats.

“They knew it would be very difficult to be able to spawn beautiful photographs on the bridal day — too much spirit, too much disorder and too many people present for animals that are very habitual, ” Zampieri said. “So a week after the nuptial, I went to their residence to captivate the couple dressed in fine clothing with their felines in a series of photographs.”

Cat fans: These photos are right up your alley.

The post-wedding kills created some seriously remarkable photos.

So purr-fect.

As any cat proprietor knows, felines aren’t ever in the mood to be cooperative, which builds posing for photos ticklish. But Zampieri said the felines she’s worked with in so far have been amazingly willing players.

“All the felines participated with pleasure and amusing as if they had sensed that the motive was important — each in its own nature, with its own attribute, ” she said.

Here, kitty kitty-cat!

Zampieri persisted, “In particular, Perla, the beautiful white-hot cat, got a lot of amusing with the various strata of tulle of the wedding dress. She was always laying on the long improve! ”

Perla had some enjoyable with the wedding dress.

Pure bliss.

If you’re interested in booking Zampieri’s works, they are able to visit her website or shoot her an email. You can see more of her feline photography on the Facebook page Cats in Venice.

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