Richard Pryor’s Son Walks Off Stage Amid Big Boos At Apollo Theater

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Richard Pryor’s youngest lad said he could examine his father up in heaven telling him, “Boy you better not mess this up! ”

Maybe next time, Dad.

Mason Pryor accepted he “bombed” during his standup comedy number on Fox’s “Showtime at the Apollo” lately.( Watch it above .)

A flat chore about President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin produced a tide of boo. The 30 -year-old comic told the crowd to “have some respect, ” and he accompanied off mid-set.

“I bombarded when I shouldn’t have, ” he said backstage. “I wasn’t funny.”

Host Steve Harvey, a standup pro, heartened Pryor to return to the stage for some type of closure on Thursday’s show. Pryor made the opinions and did, with a speedy hit on the split between his pa and mom, Geraldine Mason, that got some laughs.

Pryor accepted some help from love on Facebook after what he called his first big-time gig. He too seemed to have recovered, telling TMZ that it was a learning experience and that he would take the specific recommendations of fellow comics and streamline his substance next time.

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