Sex-Crazed Pandas! Twitter Couldn’t Handle This Story Fox News Actually Ran During The Michael Cohen Scandal!

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Forget about Donald Trump‘s advocate Michael Cohen getting raided by the FBI! THIS is real report!

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson ended his Fox News show with a floor from the Wall Street Journal about “aggressive and sex-crazed” pandas! We kid you not!

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The conservative scholar exclaimed:

“You know the official legend about pandas — they’re charming, but adorably powerless, which is why they’re virtually extinct. But like a lot of which is something we examine, that’s a lie … The real panda is a secret stud with a perceive for body and a fearsome morsel … They’re not against sexuality, either — they are only dislike unsexy zoos … But when they’re in the wildernes, male pandas engage in a raging sexual struggle. The win has gender 40 times in a single afternoon.”

As seen here:

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