Some People Think The Eclipse Might Mean The End Of The World And Heres The Theory

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Almost everyone I talk to is super excited about the upcoming solar eclipse. This will be the first total solar eclipse for of the United States since 1918, and pretty much everyone is rushing to the store to get their eclipse glasses.

But, as it is about to change, being dazzled by the lighting of the sunlight might be the least of our perturbs!

A viral Facebook post lays out a clear occurrence that this solar eclipse might actually usher a cloudburst of fire and brimstone and the beginning of a world Armageddon.

What’s the reasoning? It all has to do with the trajectory of the August 21 st solar overshadow and one that will occur some years later, on April 8th, 2024.

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Plain text of post:

Some of you guys will think this is crazy but this could be the most important thing I’ll ever write on here. At the same occasion it could just be the biggest coincidence ever , none the less it’s still really interesting.

As various of you know on August 21 st of this year we will be get the first total solar eclipse the country has seen in over a hundred years. I’ve been extremely excited aboutit for a good while now. But little did I know that 7 years later there will be another total solar overshadow that intersects footpaths with the one occurring next month making a big X across the US. It’s really rare to see a total solar eclipse come through the US and even rarer to encounter two that intersect paths this close together period wise, it could even be extraordinary. Best happen about it is this is happening right here in our back yard.

I was talking about it with a friend today and realised that seven years is the amount of day the Bible specifies that the tribulation period will last-place. Jesus told us to watch for the signs of his coming and I believed this was pretty weird so I started looking at bible lyrics and more points about the eclipse because I knew that overshadows have been associated with major biblical occurrences all the lane through history.

The common ground where the two eclpses cross courses just so happens to be right over the New Madrid Fault. Overshadows have been known through history and scientifically proven to be more likely times for earthquakes to strike. Never know, there could be a major earthquake in that time, I signify scientists have been saying it’s coming for a long time. I wreak this up because I remember reading about the end of days. Jesus specified that the earth will shake and epoch will turn to darknes, but check this out…

Amos 8: 2 KJV

And goes on to say.

Amos 8: 8-9 KJV

Amos, is without a doubt prophesying about the end of durations here. He started the chapter off without saying that God indicated him a basket of summer fruit, who were able to mean the time of year of these events but could also take other meanings.

The craziest happen I noticed in that scripture is that God specified an exact time epoch turned to dark differentiating the beginning of the end. It was noon. Search at what time the overshadow beginning in Hopkinsville KY( where the first overshadow lasts longest ), it’s 11:56 am.

This can shape you go utterly insane if you examine it up. People have found a lot of odd happens that correlate these two eclipses with the end depicted in the Bible. I’m just gonna stop right there because it’s what I stumbled on in about five minutes of researching. You can choose for yourself what you think.

I don’t know what I think about all this but I’m gonna be watching the sky that day. I’m elicited to see the first solar eclipse that’s occurred close to home in my lifetime. I’m not worried about the end because I know what I believe and I know that I will be ok. I can only hope and pray that each of you that took time to read this can say you feel the same assure in your life.

It sure feels like we are already in the end-times. Just yesterday I tried to go to a restaurant with my family and they didn’t take reservations regarding OpenTable! There’s also a lot of racial, class, and geopolitical tension, which all seem to forebode ominously as well.

Anyway, enjoy the eclipse !!!

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