Super chill Roger Federer hangs out with some cute quokkas

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Roger Federer and quokkas. That’s it .

Image: Paul Kane/ Getty Images

Sure, Roger Federer will knowledge high-flowns like no other by represent one of best available tennis participates of his generation.

Yet surely there’s no other joyfulnes like getting up close and taking a selfie with a quokka, the ultra-cute marsupial that’s native to Australia’s Rottnest Island.

The 36 -year-old player did just that on Thursday, helping to promote his appearance at the Hopman Cup tournament in Perth by taking a few glad snarls with the charming animal.

“I thought it was a like a big mouse, but it’s more like a smaller kangaroo. They’re very cute, ” Federer said.

Nice pleased to meet you #newpal @westernaustralia #rottnestisland #happyquokka

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While other tennis musicians are knee deep in preparation for a big summer of tournaments in Australia, it’s not such a fret for Federer, who said he’s dialing down his rule time.

Federer doesn’t expect to repeat the phenomenal season he had in 2017, and told the journalist that he’s going to “try and keep it cool” this year.

So it leaves us with cute video of Federer tightening with a assortment of quokkas( 1:20 onwards ). We’re only just a tad jealous.

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