The ‘Firefly’ crew is finally coming backin 3 novels

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The chances of reviving the faith favorite Firefly are slim-to-none even in TV’s reboot-friendly senility, but followers will soon have a new medium to further explore the escapades of the Serenity crew.

Titan Books announced that it’s publishing a series of novels that will take place in the Firefly universe with the first notebook arrived here the fall. Three works are currently planned–and will be considered part of government officials Firefly canon–with succession pioneer Joss Whedon on board as a consulting journalist.

The first record, Firefly: Big Damn Hero by Nancy Holder, will arrive in October 2018. Supporters won’t have to wait too much longer after that for the other two volumes, which will be published March and October 2019 respectively.

“ delighted to be returning new, official legends to love of a been demonstrated that has continued to grow in esteem over its first year, perceiving brand-new gatherings in an unprecedented room, ” Titan Books commissioning writer Cat Camacho said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly .

The works will follow the crew of the ship Serenity and its hijinks. Firefly: Big Damn Hero will find Captain Malcolm Reynolds( Nathan Fillion’s character) was arrested by a group of Browncoats, the soldiers he defended with during the course of its Unification War. The second bible, Firefly: The Magnificent Nine , is written by James Lovegrove and makes the Serenity crew to a desert moon after Jayne( Adam Baldwin) is called there by an ex. Firefly: Generations is written by Tim Lebbon and results the crew to a famous send that is able to salvage.

The three bibles announced to date give a fortune of different ideas and adventures for love to explore long after they’ve watched Firefly ’s one season( and subsequent movie, Serenity ), gave assurances that they haven’t construed Serenity ’s final voyage.

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