The president who harped on the anthem fumbled it

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( CNN) Monday evening, Donald Trump made an expression at the College Football Playoff national championship competition in Atlanta. But where reference is joined members of the military on the field for the National Anthem before the game, it became clear he couldn’t — or wouldn’t fully sing along. At different points, he mouthed some things, smiled painfully, and had his opening shut.

Even if the President doesn’t know every utterance to the National Anthem, it shouldn’t actually be a huge agreement — a song recitation shouldn’t be a prerequisite for the presidency. But this specific President has spawned upholding for a song a political question infused in racial acrimony.

Trump’s presence at video games was already in and of itself a cynical government move. The President is facing low-toned favorability ratings, and is looking forward to shore up backing among his base, many of whom live in the states that are home to the schools that were playing for the entitle( Georgia and Alabama ).