Triathlete Nearly Hacked To Death With A Saw In Horrific Robbery Gone Wrong

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Mhlengi Gwala, a 27 -year-old triathlete from South Africa, is lucky to be alive this week after roughly being spoofed to demise by three soldiers armed with nothing but a handsaw who set out to rob him during a bicycle ride.

Gwala( drawn above) was qualifying as a cyclist in Durban, South Africa, on Tuesday when three adults wielding what was originally reported as a chainsaw (!) met him and took him to a shaggy-haired area.

It turned out “the mens” is now in self-possession of a terribly blunt handsaw as their instrument of select — but what the hell is did to Gwala with it was no less horrific.

After the triathlete offered them his bicycle and all other wealths, “the mens” supposedly decided to

Cops are still hesitant exactly what concluded criminal matters stop their attack on Gwala. Worse hitherto, physicians still don’t know how the 27 -year-old will physically heal, or if he can ever emulate as a triathlete again.

Gwala has been conscious and alarm at a South Africa hospital for a couple daylights now, and he’s luck not to have lost his legs.

He had previously twice represented South Africa in international triathlons, and had been scheduled for the country’s own triathlon championships in two weeks, which he now must miss.

Horrific !!! Here’s hoping he can get his career back on track — and those responsible can be brought to justice.

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