Woman Says Men Are F**king Dogs, Regrets It After Ex-Boyfriends Friend Reveals Her Biggest Secret

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When something doesn’t proceed is in accordance with hope, alleging someone else is the easiest thing we can do. It doesn’t require thinking, self-improvement, and- most importantly- acknowledging you were wrong. Why follow up all of that if you can simply blame others and make them take the heat? Well, principally because it can gravely backfire and put you in an even worse position.

An unnamed gal made a Facebook post, saying “Men are f ****** dogs.” At first, there were some who backed up her ballsy claim, but then someone affiliated the conversation and is why she was no better. Scroll down to check out what happens when you become a hypocrite and call the firefighters because that ignite was so strong, it’s still flaming.

People were quick to react to the exchange

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