You’re Going To Be Mad That An Animal This Cute Exists And You’ve Never Heard Of It

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Just when I think I know all there is to know about cute swine, “the worlds” continued to amaze me.

I’ve been writing on the internet using a long time — I know all about the potto, the pangolin, and the dik-dik. Add to that your run of the mill kittens and puppers, and I’m drowning in roughly too much adorable to handle. Almost.

Enter the aardwolf, the cutest animal I never knew existed.

Aardwolves are like a cross between a hyena, an aardvark, and a “cat-o-nine-tail”, and they’re candidly really cool. Seem at that mohawk!

Native to east and southern Africa, they chow down on termites , not meat like their hyena cousins. They can eat about 300,000 termites in one darknes!

Aardwolves are monogamous, simply mating with one spouse for life. They’re likewise exceedingly home familiarized, and who wouldn’t be with these cute children running around?